TeX software by Michael Sharpe

DropboxIndex.dmg2012-03-27 08:46A script to generate an index.html for the .zip and .dmg files on your Dropbox site.
fontset.dmg2013-05-24 09:48Macro menu AppleScripts to save, load and test font configurations.
LocateItem.dmg2014-09-29 15:29A simple file locater using either (a) the Spotlight database; (b) the locate database; (c) Unix 'find' in the TeX forest. Latest revision fixes a preference loading issue and contains new contextual menu options to provide file dates. Not as comprehensive as Find Any File, but very fast.
LocateItemForYosemite.dmg2015-10-31 14:33A version of LocateItem compiled for Yosemite, and working without issues there.
saveSourceAs.dmg2012-01-12 18:12Macro menu AppleScript to allow you to save your source file under a new name.
TeXFontUtility2013.dmg2014-12-17 16:27This is the replacement for TeXFontUtility with the 2013 distribution. (Seems to work well also with TeXLive 2014.) The newest item is an automated installation of minion2newtx, a package that provides a minion option to newtxmath with minion letters (Latin and Greek) and a math italic v quite distinct from Greek \nu. (Revised 2014-12-17.)
AdvanceRetreat.plist.zip2015-03-03 10:01Two macros that allow you to move between documents in TeXShop. Unlike the built-in Next/Previous Source Window items, these move only between visible source files.
agaramondpro.tds.zip2014-08-15 08:40LaTeX support files for Adobe Garamond Pro. You must supply the actual fonts in Type1 format.
AutomatorNotes.pdf.zip2013-06-20 15:11Some notes on working with Apple's Automator from Lion and its successors.
BabyAWK.zip2012-05-07 14:59This is for the TeXShop Macros menu. Select text and run the macro to bring up an interface window that runs [g]awk in a hidden shell and returns the output to your document.
bickham.zip2012-04-25 14:01Update to bickham package, adding support for semibold Bickham Script fonts. Now on CTAN.
ChangeOutlineLevel.zip2014-01-18 11:39Macro menu AppleScripts to allow changing outline level when using outlines package.
ColumnMacros.zip2012-04-20 23:16Replacements for Will Robertson's New Tabular and New Array macros from his Column Macros package. The originals may not work under Lion/TeXShop 3.06 due to minor problems with variable names, now fixed.
dedollar.zip2014-01-18 11:38Replace $ pairs with \( \) pairs and $$ $$ with \[ \].
DeleteAux.plist.zip2014-05-21 10:44Version 5/21/2014 of the TeXShop macro based initially on Will Robertson's "Clean Up". Removes auxiliary files created by a number of TeX-related processes.
eol2bsbseol.plist.zip2013-08-21 14:00Applescript macro to change all eol in selection to \\eol. Install using Macros from File menu item which appears only after TeXShop->Macros->Open Macro Editor...
ErrsNWarns.zip2015-02-16 15:16An AppleScript macro for TeXShop's Macros Menu. Parses the log file and displays only warnings and some errors.
ExperimentWith.zip2015-01-03 22:42AppleScript Macros Menu item to open Edit->Experiment... with selected text from tex source copied to Experiment source window.
FFx.app.zip2017-03-24 18:48FFx.app is a compiled AppleScript that can (i) be double-clicked to start X11 (AKA XQuartz) and FontForge.app; (ii) accept drop font files, opening them in FontForge; (iii) be set to be the default application for .sfd, .otf, .pfb, .pfa and .ttf files, opening them in FontForge. It requires installation of Cliclick, free but no open-source from https://www.bluem.net/en/mac/cliclick/. FFx.app is signed with my Developer ID and cannot be changed without being resigned. Cliclick is hard coded to be found at ~/bin/cliclick. For proper operation of FFx, you must open System Preferences->Security and Privacy->Privacy and add FFx.app to the list of apps approved to control your computer. (You will have to unlock the "Click the lock to make changes" padlock icon. The script may be examined by opening the FFx.app package (contextual menu/Show Package Contents) and navigating to Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.scpt. In order to have FFx handle double-clicked .sfd, .otf, .pfb, .pfa and .ttf files, Get Info on such a file, and declare FFx.app as the application to open ALL such files. (You will need to do this with one font file of each type.) FFx will also handle font files dragged onto its icon. FFx.app solves the following issues of long standing with FontForge.app: (1) Double-clicking on a font file will actually open the file in FontForge rather than just opening a new instance of FontForge without opening the font file. (2) FontForge.app doesn't allow you to drag and drop font files onto it.
FontForgeInstall.zip2013-01-04 14:05Description of how to install the most recent version of FontForge with all features working. Instructions involve setting up a virtual machine with guest OS Lion, which has smaller memory requirements than Mountain Lion. These instructions are no longer useful---it is much better to simply download a complete binary from http://fuuko.libferris.com/osx/packages/
FontForgeScript.zip2014-11-04 18:51The FontForge binary from http://fuuko.libferris.com/osx/packages/ has some interface problems: (i) it will run multiple copies of the executable; (ii) you can't drop one or more font files onto it to open them. This script, an AppleScript application, which is convenient to mount in a Finder window's toolbar (see http://support.apple.com/kb/PH13935) will open an existing FontForge application if double-clicked, and will open any font files dropped onto it. The app is code-signed so that it can be listed on the Accessibility panel of Security and Privacy.
ForArXiv.plist.zip2015-05-05 22:37For AppleScript Macros Menu. After you process a document to send to arXiv using pdflatexmk and \listfiles, run this macro to prepare a folder of additional files that must also be sent with the .tex file and to indicate additions you must make to its preamble. Changed 2015-05-05.
garamondpremr.tds.zip2014-05-19 12:41Support files for GaramondPremrPro (regular, semibold and bold weights) in TS1, T1, LY1 encodings. (You must supply the fonts.)
GotoLabel.zip2012-05-01 08:38A macro that allows you to move to a specified label without adding tag data, allowing filtered selection.
GSError.zip2012-04-01 12:31This may be useful to those who write PSTricks macros involving PostScript code, which can be difficult to debug.
InsertReference.zip2012-01-18 10:18A fix for TeXShop's macro menu item Insert Reference---now works under Lion/TeXShop 3.0.6.
InsertSequence.zip2012-06-12 10:41Allows you to insert sequences (numbers, hex numbers, letters) in your TeX source. Intended for use in connection with the BabyAwk macro.
LaTeXProject.zip2014-02-25 10:53A TeXShop Macros menu package to help with management of [La]TeX projects, keeping most details out of sight.
macrocopier.zip2014-03-17 23:09This package contains a free (GPL) Cocoa program designed to complement TeXShop's Macro Editor by allowing selected macros to be imported from external plists to TeXShop, or exported from TeXShop to plist files. Source code is provided.
MacroHelp.zip2014-07-09 16:02A TeXShop Macros Menu macro. It offers help on your installed macros.
MakeIcons.zip2014-02-17 22:21An AppleScript macro for the TeXShop Macros menu. This allows creation of an .icns file from a pdf created in TeXShop. Very useful for adding simple icons to shell scripts made into applications with Platypus or Automator.
mathpiTDS.zip2011-04-11 09:21Support files for the Adobe Pi fonts, properly set up as math fonts.
minion2newtx.tds.zip2014-03-18 17:30The package is an add-on to the newtxmath package, providing metric files that allow use of the Roman and Greek italic letters from MinionPro Version 2 within newtxmath using the minion option. Version 1.05.
mmaTDS.zip2011-04-11 09:23Support files for some alphabets derived from the Mathematica fonts.
MultiReplace.zip2014-12-13 16:55Three different AppleScript Macros menu items (plus a helper application) to perform search/replace across a .tex file and each \include. They offer different levels of interaction.
OpenBibs.zip2014-07-05 18:26An AppleScript for TeXShop's Macros Menu. Searches front document for \bibliography{} items and opens any it finds.
OpenQuickly.plist.zip2013-10-23 09:33Correction to TeXShop "Open Quickly" macro so that TeXShop's 'open file' doesn't produce a timeout error.
openterminal.app.zip2014-09-28 10:30An "Open Terminal Here" app.
ParseLog.zip2014-12-14 18:37ParseLog is an AppleScript macro for TeXShop's Macros menu. It filters out all but errors and warnings from the log file, showing them in a Terminal window. The hard work is performed by pydflatex, which requires some installation---see the instructions in ParseLog.txt.
PDFLabels.zip2014-01-17 20:35A TeXShop Macros menu AppleScript. With the target a file containing labels for a picture or items to import to Keynote, this macro creates labels from the lines in pdf format.
PDFtoKeynote.zip2015-05-25 11:44An AppleScript macro for TeXShop's Macros menu which will run the application "PDF to Keynote" on the current pdf file.
PkgOptions.zip2015-03-10 20:13A macro for TeXShop's Macros Menu that allows you to set the options for a number of font packages without having to study their documentation.
Program.zip2014-08-02 21:55A replacement for the Program macro for TeXShop. It recognizes more forms of the program command and takes pains to get the font and fontsize correct when used on an empty source file.
replaceall.zip2014-01-18 11:40This is a package of AppleScript macros for the TeXShop Macro Menu. They allow multi-file search and replace, with many options for choices of files and the manner of their handling.
replicate.zip2014-05-14 17:18This is a TeXShop Macros Menu item that allows you to replicate a block of text in which some designated items are to be incremented or alternated in some manner. It is part of the scanpages package, but may have independent interest. See the documentation in the scanpages package for details.
rsyncForAmateurs.pdf.zip2016-06-14 15:19A brief explanation of the rsync utility.
RunCmds.zip2015-02-16 15:57AppleScript Macros Menu item to run all shell commands specified in a .tex file. Useful for post-processing output.
sam2p.zip2014-09-23 14:25A compiled version of sam2p, a command line program that, with little overhead, wraps bitmap graphics into an eps.
SaveExperiment.zip2015-05-27 21:58An AppleScript macro for TeXShop's Macros menu, allowing you to save a .tex and .pdf from your most recent output from Files->Experiment...
setmag.zip2017-03-25 12:00Setmag provideds a means for a TeXShop source file to specify the desired magnification for the pdf. With some additional work, it could also set the position, height and width of the preview. A recent version of TeXShop (3.56 or higher) is required.
ShellScripts.zip2014-01-27 14:42Some shell scripts I find useful (eg, for installing a LaTeX package, or converting a .ps or .pdf to .icns), with drop-on faces (applications) provided by Automator. Step-by-step instructions are provided for making these with icons drawn in TeX.
STIXglyphs.zip2014-06-02 11:16Files illustrating how to use arbitrary glyphs from the STIX collection with LaTeX, in case you prefer not to use LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX.
tabularize.zip2015-02-16 18:42AppleScript macro for TeXShop's Macros Menu. When run with a number of lines selected from a LaTeX table, it tries to align the columns for better readability.
textfontsurvey.pdf.zip2013-05-04 22:00This document gathers properties of the text font families available from CTAN and other sources. Samples are provided for those which are free of cost.
TSAppleScript.zip2017-03-25 12:04Information for TeXShop AppleScripters and a Library of TeXShop AppleScript routines you may find useful. Documentation revised 2017-03-25, TSLib updated 2014-01-16.
UpdmapAdvice.zip2014-06-16 15:00Advice for maintaining the simplest possible configuration for your TeX fonts, assuming you are the sole TeX user on your machine. Works with TL 2013 and TL2014, probably works with TL 2012.

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